Create a Customized Meat Program with The Lamb Company

Evaluate the Benefits of Various Meat Processing & Packaging Techniques Meeting the needs of your shoppers through a customized meat program is something that we can work on with you to achieve. We have the processing and packaging capabilities to design and implement a winning meat program that serves your very specific needs. Understandably, consumers […]

Grass Fed vs Grain Fed Meat

What’s the Difference Between Grass Fed and Grain Fed Meat? The way that animals are fed can have a major effect on the composition of their meat, depending on whether they’ve been grass fed or grain fed. You may be wondering what the differences are in taste and quality, and which option can be more […]

Farming Cooperatives

Top 3 Benefits for Retailers & Consumers The Lamb Company is proudly owned by farmers from New Zealand and Australia; most of whom are multigenerational family farmers! There are many other benefits to purchasing products that come from farming cooperatives that you (retailers and consumers) may not be aware of. For example, you probably already […]

Consumers are Choosing Venison First

Venison is a Red Meat People Want to Eat Several consumer segments and demographics are seeking the nutritional benefits provided by venison. Women, flexitarians, athletes, and seniors are at the top of the list. The USDA recommends that women between the ages of 19 and 50 get 18 mg of iron a day, while women […]

Consistent taste and quality, New Zealand Spring Lamb is the perfect summer menu addition

Offer your guests something new and exciting When you think about serving lamb, you immediately think of the classic rack, but this humble yet versatile protein is finding its way into more untraditional preparations. Quickly becoming a trendy go-to with the younger generation, menu items like lamb burgers with new and exciting toppings are being […]

Elevate Your Burgers

with Four Seasons Venison Four Seasons grass fed farm raised ground venison is a great replacement for beef or bison in a variety of dishes. Venison can be used in place of other proteins for burgers, meatballs, meatloaf, chili, and all sorts of meat sauces (like a hearty Bolognese). Four Seasons Venison has a mild flavor and […]

Offer Something New

Ground Venison Four Seasons grass fed farm raised ground venison is continuing to gain popularity with consumers. In some regions, it has started to outsell bison as a healthy meat protein. Four Seasons Venison has a mild flavor and is humanely raised. This protein is also a nutritional powerhouse: 4oz (113g) of our grass fed venison […]

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